Voting Information

The DPS 109 Caucus encourages all residents in our community to vote.

Mark your calendars for the election on April 6, 2021!

Voting Information

The voter information below is valid for residents of Lake County, Ill., only:

            • Sign up for a vote-by-mail ballot by April 1. (You have to make a request for a mail-in ballot for each election.)

            • Early voting will take place in Deerfield from March 22–April 5. (Other Lake County early-voting sites will be available before then.)

            • For more information on dates for the 2021 election and voting, see here.

Are you registered to vote? Find out here.

To vote by mail, go here.

If you already registered to vote, you can find out where your voting site is here.

To view what will be on your ballot, go here.

And if you need a reminder of whom to vote for, here's a copy of our flier that you can download and print!