Message from the
Caucus Chair

Dave Mutnick

Residents of District 109:

As we prepare for next year’s election for the 109 Board of Education, our district is facing enormous challenges. Since the last election, we’ve had a new math program implemented, started a search for a new superintendent, and of course, are seeing the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our community.

These issues have galvanized, and at times split, our community like at no time in the past decade. What’s clear is that parents and residents of Deerfield desire to have their voices heard and be part of the process more than ever.

To this end, the Caucus plays a key role in maintaining the quality of our K–8 schools. As a community-based organization, it reflects who we are in Deerfield—be it parents with children currently in the district’s elementary or middle schools, those with children in high school, college, or beyond, or residents who simply have an abiding interest in K-8 education. No matter our backgrounds, we all serve together, and our individual experiences coalesce into immensely informative, enriching, and passionate, but respectful, conversations across the 15-month Caucus process.

To be clear, collectively, we do not take a stand on any one issue. We seek a balance of ALL stakeholders in the community, and all stakeholders of the important issues at hand. But those stakeholders of course come to the Caucus with their own views and goals. Caucus members are not asked to put their own personal feelings aside, but are asked to keep an open mind and treat everyone’s opinions with respect.

On the personal front, my wife Randi and I moved here in early 2010. We have two children, one at Wilmot and one at Caruso. My father was a teacher, principal, and educational consultant, so growing up and well into adulthood, engagement in our schools and the district were always priorities for our family.

I look forward to participating in the upcoming 2020–21 Caucus, and I appreciate the trust our members have placed in me to chair it. Our work undergirds one of our community’s greatest assets, our public K–8 schools, and I am excited, and a bit awed, to be leading such a remarkable civic organization.

David Mutnick
Caucus Chair, 2020–21
April 2020