The Caucus Process

How Does the Caucus Work?

The Caucus begins in even-numbered years before the consolidated election where nonpartisan school board members are elected in Illinois. One of its first orders of business is to recruit new Caucus members, 24 in all with two alternates. 

From its first meeting in March until the election in the odd numbered year, the DPS 109 School Board Caucus will meet at least five times. All Caucus members must attend two Board of Education meetings before slating the candidates in the fall before the election.

During the meeting prior to the interviews, typically its second in early fall, Caucus members review and revise the candidate application for Caucus endorsement, talk about how to publicize the process and recruit candidates, and discuss how best to conduct the candidate interviews.

After this meeting, the Caucus posts the application on its  website in early fall. It encourages District 109 residents interested in running for Board of Education to seek Caucus endorsement by completing and returning an application by the deadline. The applications are reviewed by all of the Caucus members. 

The Caucus then invites the applicants for two rounds of interviews over its next two meetings. At the fourth meeting, the Caucus will also vote on the candidates for endorsement following the final round of interviews, and slate the candidates. The Caucus informs the candidates who was slated, and then announces its endorsements it to the public. It also helps to publicize the endorsed candidates and discusses this at its fifth meeting before the election.