Rosie Bonar

Caucus Endorsed

I believe one of the most important things when introducing new ideas – is understanding what is the foundation you are working with – and ensuring that new ideas continue to build this foundation.,” Rosie says.

I come with a strong background in fiscal responsibility, so my perspective on finances, balancing budgets, factoring rising costs in our current economy can lead to open discussions and new ideas. I also come from a unique background that greatly appreciates the current Mission and Vision of the District. My ideas would focus around the current vision, finding ways on how get our students to be emotionally resilient, to think beyond our classrooms.

Rosie Bonar, a Financial Controller, has lived in Deerfield since 2013 with her husband and two sons, the eldest at Shepard and the youngest at Walden. Rosie was born and raised in Belize where she attended elementary and high school before moving to the United States in the mid 1990’s.

She earned her BS in Business majoring in Finance and Accounting while working full time from the University of Phoenix. She has over 20 years’ experience working in the private sector in service-related industries. She has volunteered at Walden for several years where she utilizes her financial and service-related expertise to evaluate and create processes where needed for efficiency as well as participating in ways to keep families and the school connected.

Rosie has worked with many teams during her combined professional and volunteer experience, she works towards mutual understanding and respect to achieve goals successfully and efficiently.