Message from the Caucus Chair

Residents of District 109:

I am pleased to serve as the 2016-2017 chair for Deerfield Public Schools (DPS) 109 Caucus. During my first term as Caucus Chair in 2012-2013, the district experienced a threatened teacher's strike, vigorous debate over special education programming, and a referendum for major district-wide construction updates. These were the major challenges that faced the 109 Board of Education Board members. That same year, our Caucus played a prominent role in assisting our community in determining who would be the best, most qualified candidates to fill the four open seats and make the hard choices in our district. 

The Caucus is comprised of parents who have children enrolled in District 109’s schools, in addition to other members of the community. We share a common interest: a keen desire to participate and effect change through the process of endorsing District 109 School Board candidates, and each of us brings a unique perspective to the conversation and the Caucus process.

My own perspective comes in part from being a parent in the district: My wife and I moved to the district in early 2009, and our two children attended Kipling and currently attend Shepard Middle School. It also comes from having spent seven years in Madison, Wisc., experiencing different approaches to education and occupying leadership positions as a board member of an inner-city charity.   

It is a privilege being a part of a process that ultimately will foster positive change for our children. I look forward to this upcoming Caucus session; the experience has been immensely rewarding.

O’Neal Miller
Caucus Chair, 2016-2017