Message from the Caucus Chair

Residents of District 109:

Dave Mutnick

As we prepare for next year’s election for the 109 Board of Education, our district has welcomed a new Superintendent. Whether seated by next year’s election or not, this is a major undertaking for the current board, and one that will have enormous repercussions for our children. It is this responsibility, as well as ensuring fair labor deals, practicing fiscal responsibility, and debating important programming choices such as all-day kindergarten that remind me just how important it is to have thoughtful, responsible board members.


To this end, the Caucus plays a key role in maintaining the quality of our K-8 schools. As a community-based organization, it reflects who we are in Deerfield--be it parents with children currently in the district’s elementary or middle schools, those with children in high school, college, or beyond, or residents who simply have an abiding interest in K-8 education. No matter our backgrounds, we all serve together, and our individual experiences coalesce into immensely informative, enriching, and passionate, but respectful, conversations across the 15-month Caucus process.


This process is an important one even if we have an uncontested slate of candidates as we did in the 2017 election because the Caucus still renders a crucial service in examining the candidates and advising the community on their fitness to serve.


My own Caucus experience draws from my family experiences as a parent and a son. My wife and I moved here in early 2010, and our two children attend Wilmot. My father was a teacher, principal, and education consultant, so growing up, I had many thoughtful discussions on the importance of a quality school board that were informed by his insider’s point of view.


I look forward to participating in the upcoming 2018-2019 Caucus, and I appreciate the trust our members have placed in me to chair it. Our work undergirds one of our community’s greatest assets, our public K-8 schools, and I am excited, and a bit awed, to be leading such a remarkable civic organization.

David Mutnick

Caucus Chair, 2018-2019