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Caucus members

Executive Officers
 Chair David Mutnick
Jody Pabst, Publicity

Steffanie Pinsky, Treasurer    

 Secretary Chris Goodsnyder
 Chair of the Select 


Chad Solomon

Patricia Reese

At-Large Members

Robert Benziger

Chris Goodsnyder

Randy Joseph

O'Neal Miller

Jennifer Penzenik

Rich Schwartz

Alvin Solomon
Adam Zadikoff


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Kipling Elementary School           

Bennett Brenner

South Park Elementary School
Chad Solomon
Robyn Schwartz
Walden Elementary School
Loren Rivkin
David Weber

Wilmot Elementary School
David Mutnick
Jody Pabst
Caruso Middle School
Lisa Polisner
Shepard Middle School
Steffanie Pinsky
Patricia Reese