About the Caucus

As part of our community for more than 30 years, the District 109 School Board Caucus aims to:
  • encourage interested citizens to present themselves for open seats,
  • to undertake a fair and comprehensive process of candidate endorsement, and
  • to publicize its endorsed candidates.

The Caucus consists of two member representatives from each of the district’s six elementary and middle schools, and 12 at-large members. Its members are dedicated citizens and parents of Deerfield and neighboring communities, who represent a variety of personal and professional backgrounds. They all recognize education’s importance to—and its impact on—our community. The Caucus is currently recruiting new members.

The requirements to be a Caucus member include being a current resident of Lake County, Illinois, and having been a resident of School District 109 for at least one year prior to the beginning of the current Caucus session (since February 2019).

The following may not serve on the 109 Caucus:

(a) current candidates for District 109 Board of Education,

(b) current members of the District 109 Board of Education,

(c) current employees of the District 109 Board of Education, and

(d) immediate family members of any of the groups listed in (a) through (c).

Members must also agree to attend all Caucus meetings and at least two Board of Education meetings by November.


Though the Caucus has existed for more than three decades, it continually adapts itself to new needs and technologies to better serve the community.

If you are interested in joining the Caucus, see our Q&A page about becoming a member for our next Caucus in 2022-23.
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