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The Caucus Process in 2010-2011

From February 2010 until the April 2011 election, the DPS 109 School Board Caucus met five times. All Caucus members attended the required two School Board meetings before slating the candidates in fall 2010.

For the first meetings prior to the interviews, Caucus members reviewed and revised questions for the five-page candidate application for Caucus endorsement, talked about how to publicize the process and recruit candidates, and discussed how best to conduct the candidate interviews.

Once the questionnaire was made available, Deerfield residents interested in running for DPS 109 school board seats sought Caucus endorsement by completing and returning an application by the deadline. The applications were then reviewed by all of the Caucus members. The Caucus then invited applicants seeking Caucus endorsement for two rounds of interviews. Once the process was completed, the Caucus announced who was slated. Following the election, it posted who was elected.