Endorsed Candidate: Ryan Kuo

Ryan Kuo
A military veteran, business leader, and entrepreneur, Ryan Kuo has lived in Deerfield for the past five years. He was appointed to replace an outgoing member on the Board of Education in July 2017. This is his first election running for a seat on the 109 Board of Education.

“I have spent over 13 years in service to the country as an officer in the United States Army, and applied for my current appointment to the DPS109 Board of Education as a way to serve my community, and more specifically, its children,” Kuo said.

He says his experiences in during his combat deployment in Iraq where one of his tasks was to re-establish schools in Baghdad and Fallujah have shaped how he thinks about his service on the Board. 

“I often think back to the extremely limited resources during these efforts, the inspirational efforts of the administrators and teachers, and the desire by the children to learn,” Kuo said.

This experience helps him to keep the district’s vision and mission “in focus” and motivates him to ensure that taxpayer dollars are use in the most effective way possible to provide a superior education 109 schoolchildren. 

Ryan says he is focused on three key areas: ongoing implementation of the district’s strategic plan and measuring outcomes, continuing oversight of district finances, and increasing focus on student service and citizenship. He is a member of the Board’s Facility Development and Finance Committees. 

He received his bachelor’s from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from the University of Louisville.

He has three children, all of whom attend 109 schools.