Candidate Bios 2015

(in alphabetical order)

 Kenneth (Ken) J. Ashman

Ken Ashman has been a Riverwoods resident for the last 14 years and is seeking his first term on the DPS 109 Board of Education. All four of his children have either attended, or are currently attending district schools, including one who has special needs. This has allowed him to experience the panoply of educational services offered in the district. What does he seek to achieve if elected? “Ensuring that our children and those that come after them have the best educational opportunities and instruction is my top priority,” Ashman explained. more

Nicholas (Nick) Begley

A 24-year Deerfield resident, Nick Begley is seeking his fourth term on the DPS 109 Board of Education. “It’s about the kids,” Begley says in response to why he is seeking re-election. “There’s nothing more important than giving them the best possible education.” A graduate of Chicago Public Schools, Begley says he never takes it for granted how lucky Deerfield is to have such high-performing public schools—and why the district must work hard to constantly balance competing interests including the challenges of tough financial times. more

Jodi Shapira

Seeking a first term on the DPS 109 Board of Education, Jodi Shapira brings her expertise in teaching and curriculum development. She has lived in Deerfield for 18 years. When asked why she considered running, Shapira responded, “We need to be looking broadly, deeply, and more critically at our schools. Our children deserve the best education… If we don’t continue to grow, they can’t either.” more