Endorsed Candidate: Katie Bittner

Katie Bittner has lived in Deerfield for nine years and has two children in DPS 109 Schools. She currently works for Waukegan Public Schools as an Individualized Education Program (IEP) Facilitator placing special education students. She sees having someone involved in public education as adding value to the Board of Education’s composition.

“I believe that my experience as a special education teacher, administrator, and parent will provide a unique perspective into the issues within a school setting,” Bittner said. 

In her previous job as a special education teacher and administrator in Chicago Public Schools, Bittner fostered collaborative partnerships with parents to effectively develop and implement individual education programs for all students with disabilities. 

“A collaborative environment that engages and celebrates our staff will result in high-quality classrooms and improved learning outcomes for our children,” Bittner said. 

“The administration, teachers, and board members need to collaborate and form relationships that result in best practices in our schools. Relationships and trust are key to success in our schools.”

During the teacher contract negotiations last year, Bittner became involved with other parents of special education students. She co-founded and co-led the organization Deerfield Parent Advocates for Education to address their questions and concerns. The group provided support and experts to answer parents’ questions about IEPs and increased their knowledge to better support their children and actively participate in the IEP/504 process.

A participant in District 109’s Learning in a Digital Age Study Group, Bittner has also volunteered extensively for Caruso Middle School’s PTO. She believes that supporting all of the district’s children—especially in their socioemotional development—should be a priority of District 109.

Bittner received her B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in special education and her M.A. in educational leadership from Northeastern Illinois University.

Katie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, reading, baking, and actively participating in her church in Lincolnshire. Her daughter, Caitlin, is in fourth grade at Wilmot Elementary School, and her son, Calvin, is in eighth grade at Caruso Middle School.