Endorsed candidate: Mark Levitt

Mark Levitt has lived in Deerfield for 14 years and has four children. He is seeking a seat on the District 109 Board of Education because he believes that the very best education for our children can be achieved under the direction of a Board that is committed to excellence while remaining accountable to the entire Deerfield community.

An Assistant Public Defender, Levitt has been an attorney for 18 years and has been active in the Chicago Bar Association. He has served on the investigation and hearing subcommittees of the Judicial Evaluation Committee, which evaluates prospective candidates for judicial office and sitting judges. He is also a faculty supervisor for the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Criminal Justice Certificate Program. In the Deerfield community, Mark has coached and held leadership roles in AYSO soccer and DYBA baseball.

“I believe that my passion for excellence in education, as well as my abilities to analyze complex issues, listen to a variety of viewpoints, advocate my position, negotiate favorable outcomes, and make tough decisions will make me a valuable member of the District 109 School Board,” Levitt says.

I want to help ensure that the students in our community receive the best education possible so that they are well positioned to achieve success.

Levitt notes that District 109 has a proven track record of excellence but feels there is always room to improve, particularly in developing new ways to cope with a growing student population and an aging infrastructure, in addition to preparing Deerfield’s children to compete in a global economy. “In a global environment, the relevant standard is not the standard of the village, city or state next door, but the global standard. We should be looking at how our kids compare with students in Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, all perennial leaders on international assessments,” he points out. “I want to help ensure that the students in our community receive the best education possible so that they are well positioned to achieve success."

“I feel that it is incumbent on individuals who are part of the community to give of their time and effort to enhance the community,” Levitt adds. “My wife, Cathie, and I actively volunteer at school, and we are heavily involved in the education of our four children. We have seen how they have benefited from not only the strong curriculum, but also the wide range of programs and services available to children at all levels.”

“As a Board Member, I will study the best practices in education; however, given the difficult economic climate, I understand that there will be ‘nice to haves’ and ‘must haves,’ ” Levitt continues. “I will strive to find the right balance to meet the needs of the Deerfield, Riverwoods, and other communities of District 109.”

Mark holds a B.A. in political science and philosophy and a J.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He and his wife, Cathie, an attorney at Deerfield-based Astellas Pharma US, have four children: Marisa, 13, and Jacob, 12, attend Caruso Middle School; Abigail, 9, and Tess, 7, attend Wilmot Elementary. He enjoys spending time with his family, sports, and running. A huge baseball fan, he likes the Cubs and the Sox (but the Cubs just a little bit more).
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