Endorsements for 2008-2009

After vetting School Board candidates through an extensive questionnaire and two intensive rounds of interviews, the Caucus endorsed (in ballot order) Ellen London, Deborah Muller, Michael Rosenbaum, and Mark Levitt for the following reasons.
Each of the endorsed candidates demonstrated that he or she: 
  • Is dedicated to fully preparing our children to work and live in a world marked by constantly shifting economic, technological, and social boundaries.
  • Understands the complex issues facing all District 109 schools, from school financing and curriculum issues to overcrowding and busing.
  • Has advocated new ideas and practices to improve our schools within the current fiscal limits of our resources.
  • Brings a diverse set of professional and personal skills to the Board of Education.
  • Is committed to balancing the district's finances with educational excellence.
  • Has proved him or herself in demonstrated leadership roles within the community and in their professions.
  • Will consider what is best for the district's four elementary and two middle schools—not just one school in particular.
  • Fully comprehends the seriousness of the current financial environment and the impact it will inevitably have on our community's K-8 schools.
  • Will devote the time necessary to serve as a fully vested member of the District 109 Board of Education.
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