Press Release 2010


DPS 109 Caucus Endorses Three Candidates for School Board

Deerfield (Friday, November 19) — Seventeen members of the Deerfield Public School (DPS) 109 School
Board Caucus endorsed three school board candidates late Wednesday night. They are (in alphabetical

• Nicholas Begley
• Bennett Brenner
• Steven Schwartz

The three candidates, all current school board members who are coming to the end of their terms, are
running for the three open school board seats in the April 5 consolidated election. Each seat is for a
four‐year term. Begley, Brenner, and Schwartz—all Deerfield residents—were the only three candidates
who applied for Caucus endorsement.

“While the three candidates are incumbents, we were under no obligation to endorse any of them,” said
Noreen Kreda, Caucus chair. “However, the general consensus of Caucus members was that these are
three extremely strong candidates who each bring valuable skills, significant prior experience, and a
passion for educating Deerfield’s children to the 109 School Board.”

Kreda noted that the Board will face some key issues in the forthcoming year, including balancing a
challenging financial climate with Deerfield’s reputation for excellence in education.

“Experienced school board members with diverse backgrounds and skills continue to be crucial in the
effort to address these and other issues successfully,” Kreda said.

Begley, a banker, has served on the Board since 2005; Brenner, a specialist in information technology,
since 2007; and Schwartz, a lawyer, since 2002.

The DPS 109 School Board Caucus is dedicated to maintaining and expanding the tradition of excellence
manifest in Deerfield's elementary and middle schools, with its role in candidate endorsement at the
core of its commitment to the citizens and students served by District 109 schools.

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