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Endorsed candidate bios 2010-2011

(in alphabetical order)

  Nick Begley             Bennett Brenner             Steven Schwartz   
Nick Begley

A 20-year Deerfield resident, Nick Begley is seeking his third term on the DPS 109 Board of Education. “It’s about the kids,” Begley says in response to why he is seeking re-election. “There’s nothing more important than giving them the best possible education.” ... Read more.

Bennett Brenner

Bennett Brenner has lived in Deerfield for more than nine years. Actively involved in DPS 109, he was first elected to the DPS 109 Board of Education in April 2007 and is currently seeking a second term. …  “The strong feeling of satisfaction of giving back to the community inspired me to get more involved in the district,” Brenner says.  ... Read more.

Steven Schwartz 

Steven Schwartz has been a member of the DPS 109 Board of Education for more than nine years and is seeking a third full term. He has lived in Deerfield for 16 years. "I got involved in the District because I am passionate about providing a quality education to our children," Schwartz says.
... Read more.